a bike and some wine.

one of my favorite days when my parents came to visit in mendoza was the day we spent carousing the wine trail of maipú. thanks to the WONDERFUL mr. hugo, a taxi picked us up at my parents hotel one morning and took us to the region of maipú (about 30 minutes outside of mendoza) where mr. hugo himself opened the taxi’s car door and welcomed us to his shop. he fitted us with bikes and sent us on our way. with only a map, a bottle of water, and a few recommendations as to the best vineyards in town, we spent the rest of the afternoon pedaling around town.

we tasted wine after wine after wine, and tasted fresh olive oil and olive dips, and even a few liqueurs. biking around maipú was by far the best way to see the vineyards. we stopped for lunch at a small, family owned, vintage winery for lunch; fresh sandwiches and fresh squeezed mint infused lemonade. i can’t remember the exact number of wineries we visited that day, but i would say we made it to 6 or 7, tasting at most, just observing at others.

and beyond the wine, our trip along the ‘ruta de vino’ as it is known, was full of run-in’s with tourists from around the world. wino’s and young aficionados like myself. couples from all over europe who had saved up and taken 5 months off of work to travel south america. older retired couples from the united states exploring argenteina for the first time. yes, everyone loved the biking part of bikes and wines, but it was really the wine that brought us all together.

after about 6 hours on the trail, we headed back to base where mr. hugo again greeted us. this time not with a bike ready to take us adventuring for the day, but rather a glass of wine. and a patio full of people from ALL over the world.

bikes and wines is not only an international phenomenon. its popularity is rising here in the US, too. check out this article about the industry in as the article calls them ‘urban corridors’.

salud and happy biking!

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