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colorado wine week.

colorado wine week starts on sunday. what are you doing to be a part of it? check out this denver post article about the great event. and then check out colorado wine week’s own website and learn how YOU can get involved in colorado’s culture of wine! this aweome week of events culmintes with the colorado […]

fifty favorites.

tim atkin, a renowned wine connoisseur, recently visited argentina (one of my favorite countries, if you haven’t figured that out already) to do some tasting and reasearch and to find some of argentina’s best wines. although he reported his fifty favorites, his excursions including touring vineyards, chatting with locals and trying a total of 450 different varieties. LUCKY. here […]

denver, an unsuspecting city of wine.

denver…an unusual suspect for good wine, right? surprisingly it’s actually a GREAT city for vino! here is a great article profiling a few of snooth’s favorite shops around town. part of the reason that denver (and colorado in general) is a great place for wine has to do with a little fact i learned at […]

the CLIF climber.

you’ve heard of CLIF bars, right? well the CLIF family does wine, too. and not that we would expect anything less, but the CLIF family winery produces an eco-friendly wine for the adventurer. CLIMBER is its name. and its available in a chardonnay and a cabernet sauvignon. this bag of wine is perfect for the […]

summertime sangria.

i’ll never forget my time in uruguay. the nights we walked around town, stole aloe from an aloe plant in front of one of our favorite mansions and tamed the burns from the 10 hours in el sol urguayo. the nights we slept like babies in the comfort of our wonderful boutique hotel. and i’ll never […]

la vida argentina.

la vida argentina is something so close to my heart. having spent almost 6 months in the beautiful country, i take every chance i get to talk about and explore via cyberspace the happenings of my segundo hogar, my second home. i’ve been keeping tabs on wine enthusiast magazine who has been doing a few […]


my beautiful roomate, katie, made a trip to the spa today and hearing about her experience inspired this blog. have you ever thought about a champagne facial? this great article by wine ethusiast explores a few wine-inspired spa treatments. grapes, after all, are a wonderful source of antioxidants. vinotherapy (more than just drinking a glass with […]

anything better than franzia.

boxed wine? i’m a big skeptic. this new york times article, however, has some pretty good suggestions. there is hope for innovative packaging designers and creative wine consumers. and this food and wine article points out some of the wonderful benefits for thinking inside the box: “boxes are lighter (therefore greener) and easier to close […]

tasting tempranillo.

i stopped by a cute little wine shop along pearl street here in denver tonight. my goal was to purchase a couple new wines to try, and to see if they had any suggestions as to how to develop my wine tasting and wine industry skills. sounds like a pretty interesting business they have going […]

there is something to be said about dreamers, right?

here is a WONDERFUL article profiling a few of the top sommeliers of 2011. and you think your customers are crazy? read mark eberwein, sommelier from park city, utah’s craziest wine request: “once, some ladies brought in a double magnum of Champagne on a hot day. it had been in the car for hours and was […]