tasting tempranillo.

i stopped by a cute little wine shop along pearl street here in denver tonight. my goal was to purchase a couple new wines to try, and to see if they had any suggestions as to how to develop my wine tasting and wine industry skills. sounds like a pretty interesting business they have going – they’re planning to a cheese bar later this summer. their inventory was a little low, but with the remodel finishing up her quickly, they are excited to be able to expand their collection.

i asked how i get better at describing wines, and how i can really get more involved in the industry. the man i spoke with, the husband of the owner suggested i just keep trying wines. plain and simple; just keep tasting. try lots of different things. see what you like, and what you don’t like. and go from there. practice, practice, practice.

the empty bottle has a great deal that is always going on; 3 bottles for $25. different grapes  are featured each week – giving people the opportunity to try a variety of different wines without spending a fortune. after chatting for a while, i decided i would pick three bottle and take them home to try.

i opened a bottle of tempranillo this evening. here are my thoughts:

fruity, both in aroma and taste. raspberries and cherries. light on the pallete, smooth. earthy hints. 

i would suggest giving it a shot. here are some good pairing recommendatoins.

salud and happy tasting!

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