anything better than franzia.

boxed wine? i’m a big skeptic.

this new york times article, however, has some pretty good suggestions. there is hope for innovative packaging designers and creative wine consumers.

and this food and wine article points out some of the wonderful benefits for thinking inside the box: “boxes are lighter (therefore greener) and easier to close than bottles. portability makes them great if you’re inclined to partake at beach picnics, and researchers in spain recently suggested that wine could even protect against sunburn”.

i’m still not sure i’m willing to convert completely. there is definitely something romantic about uncorking a bottle of your favorite red. who’s willing to give it a shot with me? after all, everything is better than franzia.

salud to trying new things, to tasting inside the box!


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  1. […] this bag of wine is perfect for the mountain man and the wilderness woman. made for easy transport and developed to reduce your carbon footprint, the climber bag has an 80% lower carbon footprint and produces 90% less waste than two glass bottles. and, according to the  owner of r&d wine on gaylord st. here in denver (definitely my new go-to wine shop with free tastings on thursdays and saturdays), its 50 steps above franzia. and remember what i said, ANYTHING better than franzia. […]

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