la vida argentina.

la vida argentina is something so close to my heart. having spent almost 6 months in the beautiful country, i take every chance i get to talk about and explore via cyberspace the happenings of my segundo hogar, my second home. i’ve been keeping tabs on wine enthusiast magazine who has been doing a few specials on the argentine wine industry recently. here are a bunch of great videos profiling different vineyards of the region and other wonders of the area. take some time to witness for yourself the beauty of this somewhat unexplored nation.

the most recently posted video titled ‘argentina expedition: alamos’ takes a look at one of the many wonderful vineyards of the region. if you can make it through the video before getting up to get your own glass of malbec, you’ll hear a quick glimpse about the argentine asado. the argentine woman mentions how the argentines love to gather often for an asado [barbeque] with all of their best friends and family. they sit around chatting, having a couple bottles of wine as the asado sits for a few hours; soaking up the flavors of the wood. you’ll even see one of my favorites [not]; morcilla or blood sausage as it is better know here in the states. and you’ll hear the passion that the argentines have for their vino. oh the memories.

i am constantly reminded of my time in mendoza and the wonderful people and culture that became such a part of my life. and i can’t wait to return. i’m planning a trip to do some research in the wine tourism industry and looking for suggestions. if you have anything, i’d LOVE to chat.

salud and happy exploring!

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