summertime sangria.

i’ll never forget my time in uruguay. the nights we walked around town, stole aloe from an aloe plant in front of one of our favorite mansions and tamed the burns from the 10 hours in el sol urguayo. the nights we slept like babies in the comfort of our wonderful boutique hotel.

and i’ll never forget the nights we were the first ones and the only ones to show up for dinner. being in uruguay before the tourist season, there were countless nights like this. but we loved it. and one of the nights during our trip we decided to have an early dinner and some sangria. then and there i fell in love. funny thing is, the sangria we had in uruguay on one of our last nights in south america was far from good. far from authentic. they made it on the spot, poured in a good cup of sugar and let the fruit soak for 30 seconds before they poured it into our glasses. but i knew it had potential.

now there is no perfect recipie. but i think there are deifinitely some that are better than others. here are a few recipes from food and wine magazine with some suggestions for great wines to use and a good blend of ingredients to try. i think the sangria flora might be my favorite, made using a 2007 Hilltown Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc (only $7). and here’s another recipe i found on pinterest. it would be a WONDERFUL summer recipe. so give it a try. let it soak, and sip away.




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