the CLIF climber.

you’ve heard of CLIF bars, right? well the CLIF family does wine, too. and not that we would expect anything less, but the CLIF family winery produces an eco-friendly wine for the adventurer. CLIMBER is its name. and its available in a chardonnay and a cabernet sauvignon.

this bag of wine is perfect for the mountain man and the wilderness woman. made for easy transport and developed to reduce your carbon footprint, the climber bag has an 80% lower carbon footprint and produces 90% less waste than two glass bottles. and, according to the  owner of r&d wine on gaylord st. here in denver (definitely my new go-to wine shop with free tastings on thursdays and saturdays), its 50 steps above franzia. and remember what i said, ANYTHING better than franzia.

unlike other bagged wines that are the ‘bottom of the barrell’, the fouth round of production having been treated with multiple chemicals, the climber is the result of the first round of production. its light, easy to transport, and stays fresh in the bag for up to a month. and its relatively priced; $17 for the equivalent of two glass bottles. sounds like a win-win to me.

interested? check out the CLIF family winery website, and learn more about the CLIMBER and other CLIF family wines.


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