Monthly Archives: June 2012

REWIND. wick-ed creativity.

we’ve all run into the empty bottle dilemma, right? you finish a bottle of wine and you don’t know what to do next. (besides open the next one, of course). the beautiful green glass and fancy wrapper are not dumpster worthy, but the space above your cabinets is filling up fast. REWINED, a charleston based […]

driving on wine?

do you have copious amounts of surplus wine laying around? oh, you don’t? well prince charles of england does. and he’s turning it into biofuel. fuel that he uses to drive his car around town. ¬†granted, he’s only driving about 200 to 300 miles each year, but hey, every carbon footprint reduction is worth something, […]

winemakers without vineyards.

Becoming part of the wine industry is no small feat. Becoming a successful winemaker takes ample time, energy, and quite a bit of capital. And that is where CrushPad comes in. At CrushPad, YOU, yes YOU, can make your own wine. Without buying an entire vineyard. You can take a hands on role in the […]

sensible sipping.

wine enthusiast has a great section of their website dedicated to people who want to get to know wine. this article gets personal. how can we use our five senses to properly taste? this article gives a few great pieces of tasting advice. and one thing sticks out to me: tasting conditions actually have a […]