sensible sipping.

wine enthusiast has a great section of their website dedicated to people who want to get to know wine. this article gets personal. how can we use our five senses to properly taste?

this article gives a few great pieces of tasting advice. and one thing sticks out to me: tasting conditions actually have a much bigger impact on our tasting than we may think. distracting noises, cooking smells, pets and perfume all can make tasting difficult.  the glass you use and the temperature at which you taste your wine can have an impact, too.

here are hints for the use of three of our most important senses:

SIGHT: 4 different angles you should try.. in this order apparently – the straight angle view, the side view, the tilted view, and the swirl.

SNIFF: ‘hover over the top like a helicopter surveying rush hour traffic. don’t get too overwhelmed by this step. there could be THOUSANDS of aromas in one glass of wine. just try to find the fruits, flowers, herbs, and the aroma of the barrel.

TASTE: take a sip, NOT a swallow. try to act like you are pulling it through a straw. hopefully if you did alright in the small category, you should taste a continuation of the smells. a good wine will be balanced, complex, and complete.

so there you have it; a crash course in wine tasting. consider yourself an expert. but seriously, get out there, get tasting. you cannot get better until you practice. remember all of those tastings i posted about recently? take notes on this post, take your notebook with you, and give it a try.

yes, you may look silly. but its colorado wine week, so i’m sure no one will care.

salud and happy tasting!


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