winemakers without vineyards.

Becoming part of the wine industry is no small feat. Becoming a successful winemaker takes ample time, energy, and quite a bit of capital. And that is where CrushPad comes in. At CrushPad, YOU, yes YOU, can make your own wine. Without buying an entire vineyard. You can take a hands on role in the winemaking process without overcommitting. After all, not many of us can probably dole out a check to purchase a vineyard, and even if we did, we may not be too successful. 

CrushPad’s business plan centers around you. If you want to be super involved in the process, they’re all for it. If you’d rather be more involved in the planning but wouldn’t necessarily like to de-stem and crush the grapes for your wine, that’s fine, too. Either way, you’re involved. Some adventurers may want to take the journey by themselves. But CrushPad encourages collaboration and encourages couples, families, and groups to take part in the process together.

It all begins with a plan. Detailed specifications to the wine YOU want to create. With the help of qualified wine scientists, of course. Next, they grow the grapes and you watch their progress via CrushPad’s website. Once the grapes are ready for harvet, CrushPad will let you know and if you want, will show you the ropes and make you a part of the vine to the barrel process. Next? Let your wine age, and take part in tasting events, dinners, blending sessions, and more. Their promise to help you all the way through the process doesn’t end until the process is completely done. They will even help you create a label that fits your wine and your weird ways. Once YOUR wine is bottled, you will recieve 25 cases and can throw a release party at the CrushPad winery!
And it doesn’t even end there. CrushPad will help you create your own commercial and will support your with your e-commerce, shipping and marketing. What a cool gig. 

Interested? Contact Steve Ryan

Salud and happy winemaking!

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