REWIND. wick-ed creativity.

we’ve all run into the empty bottle dilemma, right? you finish a bottle of wine and you don’t know what to do next. (besides open the next one, of course). the beautiful green glass and fancy wrapper are not dumpster worthy, but the space above your cabinets is filling up fast. REWINED, a charleston based candle company is solving this dilemma daily.

local restaurants partner with REWIND to provide the bottles they need to make their candles. after cutting off the neck of the bottle (and from the looks of things adding it to their wall of bottlenecks) they fill the base with all the necessary candle stuff  and ship them off to local vendors and customers who order online.

the other great things about this candle co? their candles scents are blended to mimic the flavors of our favorite wines. AND each of them is hand crafted by a member of the REWINED family.

here are some of their scents and their descriptions:

cabernet: black cherry, currant, smoke, burnt toast

champagne: white grape, honey, fresh baked bread, light citrus

pinot noir (best seller): fig, cranberry, leather, earth

sangria: ripe mandarin orange, pineapple, cranberry, and cinnamon.

check out their website and their facebook page for more info!


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