a love for local.

we all know about the push to eat local. its tasty, eco-firendly, good for the community, etc. but how about drinking locally? has that thought ever crossed your mind?

i’m guilty of being a fan of far away flavors. but there really is something to be said about loving local. drinking local is lovely for a couple reasons:

1. local is ACTUALLY tasty.

2. as leigh jones, owner of a few restaurants in town and the president of EatDenver, suggests, it’s a cool feeling to know the winemaker. establishing relationships is possible – and that’s something to be proud of.

check out this article, which highlights some of jone’s LOCAL FAVORITES!

jones says Colorado wine will become a popular local drink when … people stop having preconceived notions about states without a long history of winemaking and embrace the youthful excitement of our winemakers. Youth brings experimentation, and sometimes mistakes, but if you keep a positive outlook, and understand that for most winemakers, wine is a labor of love, then you can have fun with them and enjoy the ride.”

sounds like something to get behind, if you ask me! check out this site, localwinos – for some more great articles on colorado’s love for what’s local!


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