here’s to excuses.

i can check another place off my bucket list this week: a classily wonderfully quaint wine bar, THE VILLAGE CORK.

i remember passing by the village cork, a cute little wine bar, countless times during my walk from the light rail to one of my favoirte coffee shops in town – stellas. did i ever consider stopping in? NO. frankly, it looked quite stuffy and pretentious from the outside. cute, but pretentious. but when my freshman year roommate invited a group of us to meet her, her new french boyfriend, and a friend of theirs, i couldn’t say no. [and although i sort of felt as though i was sitting on a parisian terrace sipping wine under the parisian moonlight, there is no doubt, je ne parle pas français.]

being the total geek i am, i checked out the menu before heading over.. good call. they have a great happy hour menu – half-off on glasses from 4:30pm-5:30pm monday through friday. another great deal? every night after 9pm, any glass of wine from an open bottle is only $5. this deal in mind, i went up to the bar to see what they had open. no malbec, bummer. the waiter suggested a couple wines close to a malbec which i was really thankful for…remember i’m still learning.

petite syrah, jam is the name, out of california. a good bold, but fruity wine. dark berries (blackberry and raspberry). highly recommended for those of you who, like me, just can’t get enough malbec. village cork has a great selection, good wait staff willing to help, a cute bar, the perfect environment for a date or a good catch-up session with your best friend. i’d love to go back and see what the food is like. here’s to always looking for an excuse for a good glass of wine with good friends in good places.

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