the art of storage.

we all know how to sit back and have a glass once in a while, right? but what do you when you go hog-wild at the liquor store, get a shipment from Club W, or have a dinner party where everyone brings their own favorite bottle? how do you store your bottles? mine sit on my counter – nothing fancy at all (champagne taste, beer budget..remember?). where do you keep yours? i hope some of you at least  have a simple iron rack. or a cabinet. or something besides the kitchen counter.

this great article shows us some of the most creative wine storage systems, i just couldn’t help but share!

a wine rack made from skis for native coloradans or transplanted ski-bums:

a leather bicycle wine rack for you devoted bikers:

an eiffel tower for the parisian at heart:

and my personal favorite the hanging wine rack that could essentially serve as a chandelier in my kitchen:

happy storing and sipping. hopefully more the latter. -mariah

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