another marvelous mendocino malbec.

i understand i am constantly sharing with you my favorite malbecs. it probably gets old and you’re probably dying for something new. BUT this malbec is one for the record books, ladies and gentlemen.

here’s why:

1. $13 a bottle. under twenty CLASS.
2. very smooth but rich hints of berries vanilla and chocolate: really good favors for the start of fall.
3. perfect for a night of laughter, tarot cards, and a slight sprinkling of whine with the girls.
4. easy to drink and non-judgemental when you decide you must give jimmy johns delivery a call.
5. from the 2009 mendoza harvest- one of the best on record. && eight months in french and american oak. YUM.

shout out for the recommendation on this one goes to jesse over at r&d wine shop. he said that this wine was listed as one of the top 100 wines of 2011. he also said that the producers of this wine bought the vineyard for close to nothing after a big producer (can’t think of the name right now) sold it for something like a fourth of what it was worth. brilliance behind the barely right there- nice work tapiz, you make good malbec.

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