two terrific thursday tastings.

vivacious vine’s solution to a long week? thursday tastings.

a morning of intermediate homework. three hours worth of pension accounting (deferred taxes last week). next step in that glorious progression of the afternoon? free tastings, of course.

since i didn’t get a chance to post about last weeks tastings, this week you’ll be getting a two for one. two weeks of tastings. six total wines. all different. some good, some bad. SALUD!

so what was on the table last week? three very different wines. different colors, different prices, different regions. all wonderful.

moutard champagne. moutard means mustard in french, apparently. you can think my friend celia for that one. this middle of the line champage sells for $38 a bottle (apparently a good price for a bottle this good). and although it falls along the middle of the road in terms of champagnes around the world, this champage is not lacking in the crisp, refreshing, and bubbly departments. moutard is the perfect bottle to bring to your boyfriend’s mom (you can thank lizzy for clarifying that one!). the perfect celebratory bottle for a new job or a big accomplishment.

eric texier cotes du rhone. i’d never tried a cotes du rhone before. i wasn’t quite sure what to expect. but it was good. not something i would pick over a cab or a malbec, but still a nice red. this one was full of hints of raspberry, pepper, and leather. fermented in stainless steel, this one is light and easy to drink.

rickshaw cabernet sauvignon. this one was my favorite. aside from wonderful flavors of dark fruits of grapes from california, this wine is also philanthropic. (mallory contributed to this one!) with each purchase of a bottle of this gem, 5% of the proceeds are donated to fighting hunger in the state in which it is sold. i would highly highly recommend this one.

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how about this week?

beronia rioja reserva from spain. wonderfully smooth, easy to drink. aged in oak for 18 months. $20 a bottle. good for drinking once a week (says the lady doing the tasting). what to eat this with? a good steak, empanadas, and a dark green salad, and a piece of dark chocolate (preferably in a small kitchen in an apartment in the heart of madrid).

cult non-vintage cabernet sauvignon from the napa valley. good, but not as smooth as the rioja. not something i would have purchased, especially for the $27/bottle pricetag. as a non-vintage, this is a combination of some of this vineyard’s best wines from the past few years.

quady starboard batch 88 port. from california. not my favorite. i personally can’t stand the sweetness of a port. but, as the tasting lady suggested, it may be wonderful drizzled over a nice piece of dark chocolate cake on christmas. the other good thing about this port is that is will last once opened. break it out on thanksgiving, hide it away and take it back out for christmas. see how it goes over.

want to do tastings? or at least know about them? sign up to get emails from r&d here.

salud and happy tasting! -mariah

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