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top one hundred wines of twenty-twelve.

i haven’t blogged in quite some time now. BUT this seven week long winter break has been the perfect excuse for me to get back into everything i am bad at when i am at school – reading, writing, running, etc. and what perfect timing it is that wine enthusiast’s top 100 wines of 2012 […]

REWIND. wick-ed creativity.

we’ve all run into the empty bottle dilemma, right? you finish a bottle of wine and you don’t know what to do next. (besides open the next one, of course). the beautiful green glass and fancy wrapper are not dumpster worthy, but the space above your cabinets is filling up fast. REWINED, a charleston based […]


my beautiful roomate, katie, made a trip to the spa today and hearing about her experience inspired this blog. have you ever thought about a champagne facial? this great article by wine ethusiast explores a few wine-inspired spa treatments.¬†grapes, after all, are a wonderful source of antioxidants. vinotherapy (more than just drinking a glass with […]