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paradise for a progressing palate.

they say the best way to get to know wine is to taste it. sounds like the perfect excuse for a few glasses here and there, a great reason to do a wine-bar hop, and a wonderful excuse to get together with friends and share each guest’s favorite bottle, doesn’t it. but it really is […]

winemakers without vineyards.

Becoming part of the wine industry is no small feat. Becoming a successful winemaker takes ample time, energy, and quite a bit of capital. And that is where CrushPad comes in. At CrushPad, YOU, yes YOU, can make your own wine. Without buying an entire vineyard. You can take a hands on role in the […]

sensible sipping.

wine enthusiast has a great section of their website dedicated to people who want to get to know wine. this article gets personal. how can we use our five senses to properly taste? this article gives a few great pieces of tasting advice. and one thing sticks out to me: tasting conditions actually have a […]

fifty favorites.

tim atkin, a renowned wine connoisseur, recently visited argentina (one of my favorite countries, if you haven’t figured that out already) to do some tasting and reasearch and to find some of argentina’s best wines. although he reported his fifty favorites, his excursions including touring vineyards, chatting with locals and trying a total of 450 different varieties. LUCKY. here […]

tasting tempranillo.

i stopped by a cute little wine shop along pearl street here in denver tonight. my goal was to purchase a couple new wines to try, and to see if they had any suggestions as to how to develop my wine tasting and wine industry skills. sounds like a pretty interesting business they have going […]

tasting terms; what NOT to taste.

i said i’m working on my tasting terms, right? here’s a quick list of DON’TS. thanks, dr. vino.