top one hundred wines of twenty-twelve.

i haven’t blogged in quite some time now. BUT this seven week long winter break has been the perfect excuse for me to get back into everything i am bad at when i am at school – reading, writing, running, etc.

and what perfect timing it is that wine enthusiast’s top 100 wines of 2012 list just came through my twitter feed this morning.

how did wine enthusiast come up with this list? a panel of tasters tasted 15,500 wines over the course of the year. this absurd profile of wines was then dwindled down to the top one hundred. wines made this list based on a few characteristics: quality-to-price ratio, drinkability, availability and uniqueness. wine enthusiast tries to make this list as diverse as possible with wines of different varietals from all over the world.

this list full of wonderful wines ranging in price from $16 (#14 – uvaggio 2010 moscato secco from lodi) to $208 (veuve clicquot ponsardin 1990 cave privée brut (champagne)). wine enthusiast did an awesome job with a few stats about the 2012 list. here are a few of my favorite stats:

ONE the list is composed of 39 REDS! (yes!)

TWO three of the top 100 are from argentina. 30 are from the US.

THREE the average price of the top 100 is $49.

FOUR the 2012 wine of the year is from MENDOZA. [2009 Riglos Gran Corte Las Divas Vineyard Bordeau-Style Red Blend – 50% malbec, 40% cab, and 10% cab franc] and just read this description: this wine takes you on a trip to an outer wine world where deep, cushioned berry aromas come with exotic perfumes, bath oils and crushed flower petals. it’s ultra-saturated and jammy, but not clunky or heavy. this tastes like a storm of black­berry, espresso and swiss chocolate, while black spice and length bring up the rear.

running thorough the list, i didn’t find any that i have tried. let me know if any of them look familiar to you and if you believe they deserve to have made the list, i’d love to get suggestions for my next trip to the wine shop!

happy sipping, winos!

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