looking to travel? looking to explore your inner wino? looking to taste good food, stay in beautiful resorts, see beautiful sights, and get to know the locals? aren’t we all? fear not, my friends. wine enthusiast magazine has just  released their 10 best wine destinations of 2013. on the list? Rioja, Spain Danube, Austria North & […]

i haven’t blogged in quite some time now. BUT this seven week long winter break has been the perfect excuse for me to get back into everything i am bad at when i am at school – reading, writing, running, etc. and what perfect timing it is that wine enthusiast’s top 100 wines of 2012 […]

i ran into a wonderful book of poetry by one of my favorite spanish poets-the chilean pablo neruda last weekend. a friend of mine then sent me a link to oda al vino, one of neruda’s many wonderful pieces. here it is…and my (ROUGH) translation. this piece is particularly phenomenal. ODA AL VINO. VINO color de día | […]

vivacious vine’s solution to a long week? thursday tastings. a morning of intermediate homework. three hours worth of pension accounting (deferred taxes last week). next step in that glorious progression of the afternoon? free tastings, of course. since i didn’t get a chance to post about last weeks tastings, this week you’ll be getting a […]

this week, i’m featuring a blog from two of my favorite people. i take part of the credit for getting my parents to love wine. but they’ve take it upon themselves to continue to love wine. this weekend they did a wine tour along the “great river road wine trail”. here’s what they had to […]

i understand i am constantly sharing with you my favorite malbecs. it probably gets old and you’re probably dying for something new. BUT this malbec is one for the record books, ladies and gentlemen. here’s why: 1. $13 a bottle. under twenty CLASS. 2. very smooth but rich hints of berries vanilla and chocolate: really […]

we all know how to sit back and have a glass once in a while, right? but what do you when you go hog-wild at the liquor store, get a shipment from Club W, or have a dinner party where everyone brings their own favorite bottle? how do you store your bottles? mine sit on […]

i can check another place off my bucket list this week: a classily wonderfully quaint wine bar, THE VILLAGE CORK. i remember passing by the village cork, a cute little wine bar, countless times during my walk from the light rail to one of my favoirte coffee shops in town – stellas. did i ever consider stopping […]

one torrontes, one malbec rose, and one malbec. better than i expected: i had planned for two argentine wines. i showed up and got three. one day, three wines from argentina. i’m one happy camper. i walked into the wine shop looking to learn something new about the wines they were tasting tonight. i’ve had […]

r+d wine shop located on the wonderful south gaylord street is tasting not one, but TWO malbecs this afternoon. from 2-7, they are tasting loca linda’s rose of malbec AND a sin ropa malbec. both from, you guessed it…MENDOZA, ARGENTINA! OH, and they poured at Unwined, i tried their malbec, it’s great! it brought me […]