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a love for local.

we all know about the push to eat local. its tasty, eco-firendly, good for the community, etc. but how about drinking locally? has that thought ever crossed your mind? i’m guilty of being a fan of far away flavors. but there really is something to be said about loving local. drinking local is lovely for […]

the CLIF climber.

you’ve heard of CLIF bars, right? well the CLIF family does wine, too. and not that we would expect anything less, but the CLIF family winery produces an eco-friendly wine for the adventurer. CLIMBER is its name. and its available in a chardonnay and a cabernet sauvignon. this bag of wine is perfect for the […]

anything better than franzia.

boxed wine? i’m a big skeptic. this new york times article, however, has some pretty good suggestions. there is hope for innovative packaging designers and creative wine consumers. and this food and wine article points out some of the wonderful benefits for thinking inside the box: “boxes are lighter (therefore greener) and easier to close […]